New Mexico & Arizona - March 2017 - c4visualimagery

March 2017

What started out as a quick trip to Gallup, New Mexico to see a performance of Cindy’s brother Gary’s Chaco Canyon symphony morphed quickly into a social extravaganza with extra days thrown in to explore southern Arizona.

Joined by cousins and friends from the Albuquerque area we spent 2 social filled days in Gallup before moving south.

After a night in Silver City, New Mexico we went west to Tucson which was our home base for the next 3 days. A wonderful location with great food, Tucson also afforded us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the outstanding parks nearby, ranging from the volcanic rock structures in Chiricahua National Monument to the abundant, no, overwhelming saguaro cactus in aptly named Saguaro National Park. As an added bonus we were treated to a riotous wildflower show in Organ Pipe, a big rain having occurred a week before.

Not finished with the social whirl, we connected with 2 more friends in Mesa before heading home to sort out many dozens of photos.

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