SW: Chaco / Bandelier New Mexico September 2017 - c4visualimagery

September 2017

Having been blasted out by intense heat on our June attempt to get more Chaco Canyon photographic material, we had another go at it in September with much more reasonable weather predicted.

Following a similar starting itinerary we flew into Phoenix and drove 2 days getting to Chaco at mid-day. Our plan to do night photography amidst the ruins required a guide so our first stop was to check in with the rangers to announce our presence. Our contact person was in meetings all afternoon but we did catch up after doing a short hike and setting up camp. Temperature was in the mid-80’s this time – very nice!

Met up with our ranger guide that evening and spent over 2 hours among the Pueblo Bonita ruins on a perfect starlit night. No better place to be.

Did another hike the next morning and made our way to Farmington for the night, Santa Fe being next on our list. Looking at the map we figured we could visit the Bisti Badlands in the morning and have plenty of time to get to SF. One is free to wander at Bisti as there are no trails. The bizarre landscape made for hours of photographic experiments.

We had 2 nights scheduled in Santa Fe so were able to hit some of our favorite New Mexican restaurants and to connect with Cindy’s cousin Craig and our friend Jay. With a whole day to play with in between we were able to explore the ruins at Bandelier Including the Tsankawi section where ancient caves were developed in cliffs of volcanic tuff.

Another good tour of New Mexico!

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